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The Creating Together Methodology

Com a aplicação da metodologia, o professor dá suporte e incentiva os alunos a construírem o seu próprio conhecimento de forma lúdica e divertida. As histórias, desenhos e narrações criadas em sala de aula por alunos sob a mediação do professor são transformadas em uma linda animação.

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Creative Solutions

Creative Games

Creative Games

By Kids to Kids also applies Creating Together in the gamification process, an active methodology that makes use of mechanics, strategies and game characteristics in order to engage and motivate students.

Books and Creative Cards

Books and Creative Cards

All the stories and drawings created in the classroom are transformed into books. The creative cards are images produced with drawings made by the children and that can accessed online by students who then create stories based on the images.

2D Animation Course

2D Animation Course

By Kids to Kids created a 2D animation course in which the entire process of production of animations along the lines of Creating Together is taught to those who wish to learn their techniques, from clipping, animation, even sound.


A collection of animations organized by class and curricular disciplines, which serves both teachers, assisting them in addressing the themes in their classes, as well as students, as a didactic support for their studies.

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